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Surely somewhere along the way you’ve to have bad experiences with regards to the service of the staff and employee of the SSS. All of us did and that includes me. Here is your chance to help stop and possibly put an end to bad service in this agency of the government.

This page is dedicated to Pinoys who are members (or non member relatives and immediate family members) of the SSS who experienced discourtesy and inefficient service for their Social Security System service needs. Please put your complaints using our comments section and let the authorities know your side of the picture.

In putting or leaving your comments and suggestions, let us all please be responsible and do not use bad words. Be composed, tell your story so others will learn from it and not the other way around. It’s time we help in the formation of values to some of our public servants in a nice and positive way.

Comments will be strictly moderated and any personal attacks and bad words will not be tolerated to provide a healthy discussion for all and eventually, together in our own small way, we may be able to contribute for a better Philippines and a better SSS public service to the Filipinos. “We know we deserve it!”

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