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When members of the Social Security System in the Philippines talk about SSS loan, we usually generally speak about salary loan but as a member, you need to understand more about this matter so we speak more about the types of SSS loans you can avail upon application to any of the nearest branch in your area be it that you are a self-paying member, employed or not employed.

3 Types of SSS Loan

There are basically just 3 major types of SSS loan any updated paying member can avail of upon reaching a qualified status as a paying SSS member. Basic requirement is that you have to have at least 36 contributions. If you are interested to avail of any the SSS loans we are listing below,  it is suggested that you first make either an online inquiry (for those with existing online account password and username) or go straight to the nearest SSS branch.

1. Member Loans – Being a qualified member, you have 3 options covered in this type of loan namely, salary, calamity and emergency loan.

2. Housing Loans – This type of SSS loan covers individual housing, housing for OFWS, housing development, house repair, pari-passu, corporate housing program, apartment for dormitory, housing for Workers Organization members, assumption of mortgage and direct housing development. For inquiries on how to avail, requirements of application, inclusive and exclusive loan availment on any of these categories, ask the SSS customer service in your nearest branch.

3. Business LoansThis specific SSS loan covers financing program for vocational and technical school, industry loan program, tourism projects, financing program for educational institution, hospital financing program, SSS special financing program and the SULONG program. For more information regarding these types of loans covered under the business loan, please go to the nearest SSS office near your area.

Please note that this information was taken from the official website of the SSS. If  you want to visit them online to see more, you may do so  here –

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